ST500A Adjustable Z-Axis Platform

ST500A Adjustable Z-Axis Platform



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Part Number:  6993-0258-P1
Brand:  PACE

The ST 500A is an adjustable Z-Axis platform/stand that accepts the handpiece from either the ST 300 or ST 325 Convective/Hot Air Handpieces. The unit allows hands-free operation of the handpiece heater, providing access to the entire work area, and giving you the capability to perform repetitive removals and installations.

The heat guard on the ST handpiece is replaced with a "swivel ring" which is placed on the ST 500A. The swivel ring allows the handpiece to be adjusted for planarity to the PCB being worked on. The ST 500A features a sturdy, extruded base that will accommodate either the PH 100, ST 400, ST 450 or ST 1600 Preheaters and can also be used with either of the ST 525 or ST 550 PCB holders. Note: Current model ST 500A has been upgraded from the previous model (ST 500) with an enlarged extruded base that accommodates the new PH 100 Low Profile IR Preheater.

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