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About us

Exmel Solutions Ltd. strives to make the lives of our customers simpler and more efficient, through our synergy, product knowledge and practical guidance. As a trusted supplier of ESD and Electronic Consumables for over a decade, Exmel knows the importance of quality products and prompt service. We pride ourselves on our personable, but professional approach in meeting the needs of our clients. When it comes to our range of training courses, we understand that value for money and an economical use of time are key considerations. Consumer loyalty encourages us further to live up to our stature and to exceed the expectations we place upon ourselves.

We are Exmel – Your Solution.

Exmel Solutions Ltd. Core Aims and Values

At Exmel, we:
• take pride in our track record of exceptional customer service.
• have a history of successfully working with people and companies on national and international levels.
• supply only top-quality goods and services.
• offer a variety of stock from an array of professional brands.
• preside over an assortment of different training courses and options.
• aim to personalise the Exmel experience to our clients’ requirements.
• seek to continue to improve, learn and grow based on our customers’ needs and recommendations.

Exmel Solutions Ltd. Customer Value Proposition

In the competitive field of ESD Products and Electronic Consumables, what is it that sets Exmel Solutions Ltd. apart from our competitors? Here are some of the reasons we think that we’re head and shoulders above our rivals.

• Customer service – Our clients have made it perfectly clear how much they value our professional, but personable approach to sales. In fact, it could be argued that our commitment to customer service is our unique selling point. We know that anyone can sell you products, but at Exmel, we want to provide you with assistance at every step of the way. Our aim is for the name “Exmel” to convey a sense of loyalty and trust within our customer-base.

• Sales and Training in once place – At Exmel, we understand the desire to keep plans as simple as possible. Why would you want to order your electronic consumables from one business, and organise an IPC training course from another, when you could do both at the same place? Of course, this doesn’t mean that you’re obligated to visit us. Why not have us come to you? A key part of the Exmel experience is that our services are tailored to your requirements.

• Reliability – We want our customers to place their trust in Exmel. We know that when you require our services, not only are we representing the Exmel brand, but that we are also contributing towards the growth and success of your business too. We succeed when you succeed.