MBT350 Multi-Channel Solder, Desolder & Rework System with TD-100A, SX-100 & MT-100, 230V



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Part Number:  8007-0455
Brand:  PACE

Soldering, Desoldering & Rework of Through-Hole/Surface Mount PCB's

PACE's MBT 350 is a self contained, 3 channel rework station that offers high capacity, low temperature SMT/Thru-Hole soldering, desoldering and repair. The unit features three individually powered and controlled handpiece channels, providing the capability to run 3 different IntelliHeat handpieces simultaneously, and at different temperatures!

The MBT 350 also features a crystal clear Digital LCD Screen which displays the temperatures of all 3 handpiece channels, in real time! The easy to read LCD control panel is uncomplicated with added features such as temperature set back and password protection. The MBT-350 includes new TD-100A Ergonomic Soldering Iron, SX-100 Sodr-X-Tractor Desoldering Handpiece and MT-100 MiniTweez Handpiece (IntelliHeat versions) along with associated Tip & Tool Stands. Tips sold separately.


Power Requirements
120 VAC, 60 Hz (240 watts maximum)
135mm (5.3") H x 165mm (6.5") W x 260mm (9.25") D
Weight 5 Kgs (11 lbs.)
Tip to Ground Resistance
< 2 Ohms
Temperature Stabililty
± 1.1°C (2°F)
Temperature Accuracy
Meets or exceeds ANSI J Std 001
Set Temp Range
37-482°C (100-900°F) SensaTemp® || 205-454°C (400-850°F) Tip Heater Cartridge
Vacuum Rise Time
150 ms Average
20 in Hg max
18 p.s.i. max
Air Flow
8 SLPM max

Includes the New TD-100A!!

The new TD-100A Ergonomic Soldering Iron maintains the comfort and feel of the original TD-100 handpiece yet contains many enhancements. The TD-100A’s Cool Touch design features all-aluminum construction that stays cool and comfortable even during extended production use. Ultra-short tip-to-grip (under 1.9”/48mm) allows for precision operator dexterity when used under a microscope or magnifier. Slim and lightweight, the handpiece dramatically reduces grip stress and operator fatigue, enhancing productivity. The Iron uses a patented Tip-Heater Cartridge which can be changed in seconds without tools, and most tips heat up within 10 seconds flat! Over 100 soldering tip geometries are available as well as over 30 surface mount removal tips. To really protect your Tip-Heater Cartridges and fine point tips from oxidation, the TD-100A can be used with PACE's optional Instant-Setback Cubby. The cubby automatically drops the tip temperature to 176°C (350°F) if it is in the cubby for more than 45 seconds, which maximizes the life of your tips! Up to two Instant-SetBack Cubbies can be connected to the MBT 350.

SX-100 ... A Better Way to Desolder

Ideal for both through-hole and surface mount desoldering, the clog-free SX-100 Sodr-X-Tractor is the best performing solder extraction tool on the market today. The handpiece can be used with a disposable Sodr/Flux-Trap paper solder collection chamber or re-cleanable Glass Chamber. When the filter is full, just pull out the chamber, pop out the old filter and replace with a new one - all within 15 seconds! The heater's laser-trimmed, Platinum RTD Temperature Sensor is 5 times more accurate than conventional thermocouples. The widest range of standard, precision and long-reach desoldering tips are available, including 2 and 4-sided Pik-Tips, and Flo-D-Sodr desoldering tips available for safe removal of excess surface solders and BGA pad clean-up.

MT-100 MiniTweez Thermal Tweezer

Finally, the MT-100 MiniTweez High Capacity Thermal Tweezer is perfect for one-handed removal of chips (including 0201's), SOIC's, D-Paks and other surface mounted devices. Like the TD-100, the MT-100 uses Tip-Heater Cartridges which can be changed in seconds without tools, and most tips heat up within 10 seconds. With 11 styles of component removal tips available, MT-100 tips cost less than half of our competitors!

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