MBT350 Multi-Channel Solder, Desolder & Rework System with PS-90, MT-100, & SX-100, 230V



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Part Number:  8007-0552
Brand:  PACE

PACE's MBT 350 is a self contained, 3 channel rework station that offers high capacity, low temperature SMT/Thru-Hole soldering, desoldering and repair. The unit features three individually powered and controlled handpiece channels, providing the capability to run 3 different IntelliHeat handpieces simultaneously, and at different temperatures!


Power Requirements
Power Requirements120 VAC, 60Hz (240 watts maximum) & 120VAC, 50Hz (240 wats Maximum)
Handpiece Technology Compatability
Tip to Ground resistance
Temperature Stability
+/- 1.1C (2F)
Temperature accuracy
Meets or exceeds ANSI-J-Std-001
Set Temp Range
Tip Heater Cartridge Compatible Handpieces = 205&deg; to 454&deg;C (400&deg; to 850&deg;F) Nominal <br />SensaTemp Compatible Handpieces = 37&deg;C to 482&deg;C (100&deg; to 900&deg;F) Nominal
Vacuum Rise Time
150ms Average as measured with PACE Process Monitor
20in Hg max
18psi max
Air Flow 
8 SLPM max

The MBT 350 also features a crystal clear Digital LCD Screen which displays the temperatures of all 3 handpiece channels, in real time! The easy to read LCD control panel is uncomplicated with added features such as temperature set back and password protection. This version of the MBT-350 includes PS-90 High Capacity Soldering Iron, SX-100 Sodr-X-Tractor Desoldering Handpiece and MT-100 MiniTweez Handpiece (IntelliHeat versions) along with associated Tip & Tool Stands. Tips sold separately.

PS-90 Soldering IronThe PS-90 Universal Soldering Iron is excellent for general purpose and heavy-duty soldering and SMT rework operations where high thermal capacity and flexibility are required. The Iron provides a wide range of SMD and Thru-Hole installation and removal capability as well as unsurpassed thermal performance on heavy, multilayer Thru-Hole assemblies at safe, lower working temperatures. A variety of 3/16" shank, quick change Thru-Hole and SMD tips, for chip components, SOT's, SOIC's and other components, are available (supplied separately). And at about $7 each, long-lasting PS-90 Tips are very inexpensive!

Ideal for both through-hole and surface mount desoldering, the clog-free SX-100 Sodr-X-Tractor is the best performing solder extraction tool on the market today. The handpiece SX-100 Desoldering Handpiececan be used with a disposable Sodr/Flux-Trap paper solder collection chamber or re-cleanable Glass Chamber. When the filter is full, just pull out the chamber, pop out the old filter and replace with a new one - all within 15 seconds! The heater's laser-trimmed, Platinum RTD Temperature Sensor is 5 times more accurate than conventional thermocouples. The widest range of standard, precision and long-reach desoldering tips are available, including 2 and 4-sided Pik-Tips, and Flo-D-Sodr desoldering tips available for safe removal of excess surface solders and BGA pad clean-up.

MT-100 MiniTweez Micro TweezerFinally, the MT-100 MiniTweez High Capacity Micro Tweezer is perfect for one-handed removal of chips (including 0201's), SOIC's and other surface mounted devices. Like the TD-100, the MT-100 uses Tip-Heater Cartridges which can be changed in seconds without tools, and most tips heat up within 10 seconds. With 11 styles of component removal tips available, MT-100 tips cost less than half of our competitors!

Easily Expands to Increase Capabilities!

The MBT 350 is far more than a desoldering station. Its functionality can be easily expanded by adding any one of 8 IntelliHeat compatible handpieces.

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