Arm-Evac 150 Digital Fume Extractor with SteadyFlex™ Arm, 230V



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Part Number:  8889-0155-P1
Brand:  PACE

It's a fact ... unsafe particles and gases in the workplace result in increased absenteeism, employee turnover, worker's compensation claims and lost productivity. Why depend on costly centralized air handling systems to purify the air when you can do so at the source? PACE’s Arm-Evac® 150 captures hazardous fumes locally and is suitable for benchtop soldering and electronic rework applications including handheld machining operations and light, limited use of solvents, adhesives and other light and medium duty industrial applications. The low-cost Arm-Evac 150 System comes complete with self-supporting SteadyFlex ESD-Safe Arm/Nozzle assembly, Wireless Remote Control and 3-stage filtration system … everything you need to set up one operator!


PACE Fume Extraction Systems are designed for and intended to be used in PCB Assembly and Rework application, specifically for flux fume and other benchtop rework application. While PACE Fume Extraction Systems provide excellent, localized fume extraction of dust particles from acrylic and other materials during handheld drilling, milling or grinding operations as well as reduction of odors from the limited us of adhesives, solvents and other materials, currently available filters are not designed for extraction of high-moisture content aerosols nor designed to lessen or eliminate biohazards which may be present in medical/dental applications. Hence, consistent, proper use of appropriate PPE and other preventive/protective measures for COVID-19 and other pathogens, as recommended by the CDC and other governmental authorities, remains essential.

SteadyFlex™ ESD-Safe Arm/Nozzle Assembly included
Low profile, compact unit fits under most benches
Fume Extraction for up to 2 operators (additional SteadyFlex™ Arm required)
Reliable, brushless motor pump does not require costly routine maintenance
Superior performance and quiet operation
Low cost, easily changed, disposable filter cartridges
Wireless Remote Controller included
Filter Condition Monitor & Alarm alerts user of blockage or need to change filter
10 air flow speed settings
LED Motor Speed Indicator
Time Set feature automatically shut unit off
Control Panel Lock prevents unauthorized alteration of settings
Total Run Time Counter displays hours machine has been in use
Wide variety of filter options to meet virtually any application
    Flex Arm


    Steady Flex™ ESD-Safe Arm Nozzle Assembly stays put, exactly where you position it



    Wireless Remote allows easy operation of most functions, from a distance Steady Flex™ ESD-Safe Arm Nozzle Assembly stays put, exactly where you position it



    General Purpose Combo Filter is perfect for benchtop soldering & rework application

Flow Rate (Gen. Purp. Combo Filter)
Single Inlet: 155 CFM || Dual Inlet: 90 CFM each arm
Flow Rate (Cleanroom Filter)
Single Inlet: 145 CFM || Dual Inlet: 85 CFM each
Sound Level DbA
< 53 dbA 50% motor speed ||< 63 dbA 100% motor speed
Weight (With Filter)
9.07 Kg/20lbs
305mm W x 305mm D x 423mmH (12" W x 12" D x 17" H)
20-gauge steel (ESD safe)
Flex Arm Diameter/ Length
60mm (2.4") Diameter / 132cm (52") Length
Maximum Number of Flex Arms



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