MT-100 MiniTweez Chip & SOT Tip (6mm)

MT-100 MiniTweez Chip & SOT Tip (6mm)



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Part Number:  1124-1005-P1
Brand:  PACE

Dimensions = 0.7 mm (0.03") x 6mm (0.24")

MT-100 MiniTweez Thermal Tweezer Tip-Heater Cartridges are designed for reworking miniature sized chip components as small as 0201, 0402 and 0603, and can also handle larger D-Pak, SOT, TSOP and SOIC components.

Not for use with MT-200 MiniTweez -- For IntelliHeat-powered soldering & rework stations only (including ST 30, ST 50, ST 70, ST 100, ST 75, ST 115, MBT 301 and MBT 350 Systems).

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